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The Seal Dilemma

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Choosing which seal to secure your products can be a difficult choice, as Masterseal Corporation provides a wide variety of seals to choose from. That's why you can follow this blog to check which seal is the best for you!

The following are just some criteria you can use to decide which seal to buy:



  • Like a belt that can be tightened

  • Used where seals must be snug onto the item to avoid pilfer

  • Example: cash / courier bags. bags, tanker valves, fire extinguishers, emergency device, atm cassette box

2. FIXED LENGTH - sometimes called LOOP SEAL

  • Forms a loop like a bracelet once locked.

  • Used where seals should have an allowance for movement

  • Example – truck doors. container vans doors, bonded warehouse.


1. VARIABLE LENGTH / PULL-TIGHT - have different degrees of strengths

Sample application and seals names

Example: fire extinguishers, emergency devices without monetary value – lightlock

Cash boxes, Airline trolley, Weighing scales - mini-jawlock

Tanker valves - mini jawlock, duolock

Utility Meters - AnchorLock with wire

Big currency bags / postal bags – MaXi – Jawlock, SegurLock, TeraLock

Inter-island cargo –Alulock cable seal


Short trips - TwinLock plastic seal

Long bumpy trips, theft-prone areas – MetalLock, SegurLock

Inter-island – EinLock Bolt Seal Export

3. BARRIER SEALS have very high break strength - cannot claim seal is accidentally broken. Suitable for high value cargo, inter-island containers, export shipments

require ISO Certificate or C-TPAT compliant seas - AluLock D3.5, UnoLock

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