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Defeat the Cheats

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

BEWARE OF IMITATION SEALS. Rest assured with MASTERSEAL you are getting original product made by ISO Certified Manufacturing plant. Imitation seals may initially be good, but cannot continuously provide consistent quality.  With this, your asset may not be well-protected.

WHY DO THE COLORED PLASTIC SEAL TURN WHITISH? IS IT A SIGN THAT SEAL IS WEAK / EASILY BREAK?  KNOW THAT Essentra uses virgin PP (Polypropylene). When bent the colored plastic turns whitish / "namumuti" (AKA stress mark). Do not worry, Essentra plastic seals will not crack. It will need repeated bending to break virgin PP material. 

Seals Turning White

TIP: Colored seals that have scattered whitish portion is a sign of attempts to tamper the seal.  Some seals in the market are made of PE (Polyethylene) which does not turn white. PE is cheaper than PP. However, PE has the ability to stretch and return to its original shape after a while. This makes the seal prone to tampering.

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