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Sealing it Right

Updated: Sep 13, 2019


For security seals to be effective, they have to be integrated into a security system. Continuous monitoring and proper documentation of its usage will ensure the company prevents pilferage and theft.


Done by a designated person from a reputable supplier. Order seals SUITABLE for INTENDED APPLICATION  – consider the type of seal, value of the item, the length of time the seal will be left on the item, short or long trips, the areas that the delivery truck will pass by. ( Pls refer to Blog #1. )

Seals should have marking and serial number unique to the company using it. Color coding can be used to help identify different depots.


Seals should be KEPT IN SECURED AREA that is only accessible by trusted/ authorized personnel.


Before loading, check each van for hidden trapdoors or loose hinges that may be opened without opening the seal.  Hidden openings may be on the floor, side or ceiling of the van and covered by flooring, posters.

Keep a RECORD book of outbound SEAL DETAILS - date, time, seal color, seal marking & serial number, name of person installing the seal, vehicle number, valve designation, driver, helper name.

Always have a TRUSTED PERSON INSTALL THE SEAL and not the driver nor the helper. Aside from the seal, continue to PADLOCK the van to prevent theft. After sealing pull part of the seal to ensure it is properly locked.


Only AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL be allowed to REMOVE the seal. Again not the driver nor the helper. Before removing, be sure to pull the seal to check that it is still locked. Check the seal for signs of tampering – attempts to alter the marking or serial numbers, scratches, broken seals. Match that the seal color, marking and number to the one written on the bill of lading. RECORD the seal description, driver, helper name, date, time, vehicle number.

For questionable seals, report to the manager, take picture of the seal while still on the item, keep the seal. Must investigate immediately if there is pilferage.

Seals are TAMPER-EVIDENT and not tamper-proof.  Senders and receivers must observe sealing protocols. Constantly check the seals for signs of tampering.

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